EXAMPLE: Eblast // Designs by Tufenkian

A few examples of Designs by Tufenkian, a weekly email blast platform I came up with to keep designers and clients updated on new and existing product:

"I'm moved by the beautiful and subtle variations in nature. Tufenkian Carpets embrace the subtlety and nuance I strive for. No where else in my work can I come as close to a living product as with Tufenkian”. ---Barbara Barry

"As in my textiles, my designs for Tufenkian respond directly to the specific materials and woven constructions. Their handcrafted nature contributes a level of nuance that informs the designs in a way that, as a designer, is a treat to embrace.” ---Mark Pollack

Conceived as an homage to the majesty of Mother Earth, inspired by the Grand Canyon and representing all that is important to Clodagh, the Strata design elements were selected to engage the senses and achieve a feeling of harmony and balance.

“My modern art inspired designs could only be crafted by the skilled hands of Tufenkian weavers. They help complete my vision and consistently elevate floor coverings to an art form.” ---Laura Kirar

“I’m not a person for pattern, so when I was designing these carpets, I wanted a sense of abstractness that could play with the tones and materials being used in the rugs.”

---Vicente Wolf

In pattern design today, bigger is better! Whether you’re working with complex neutrals or bold colors, bring any of these large-scale designs by Tufenkian into your space to make an exciting statement.

Whether its animal print from Givenchy, color blocking from Jil Sander or bold stripes from Prada, bring the hottest runway trends into your interior with these designs by Tufenkian.

Back in December, Pantone announced Honeysuckle as the 2011 color of the year. Check out a sampling of Tufenkian designs that layer in this engaging hue.

Looking forward to Spring? Renew your inspiration with these fun floral designs