Laura Kirar:  Art meets craft

“Blending elegance and erudition, this young creator brings an artistic sensibility to designs such as “The New Moderns,” a line of nine handmade rugs for Tufenkian.  “Chant,” is her visual interpretation of a sound piece by experimental musician John Cage; painter Gerhard Richter inspired the polychrome syncopation of “Abstract.”


Interior Design Magazine

Ring-A-Ding Blueberry Cream and Ring-A-Ding Cherry Cola from the Tufenkian Showroom Exclusive,Whimsy Collection, were highlighted in the Flooring Section of the May 2010 issue of Interior Design Magazine.  Both designs were included in the “Play it floorward; plush rugs in the fresh patterns amp up the fun factor” feature.

Interior Design Magazine May 2010 issue


Flip to page 54 to see one of the newest designs by Kevin Walz - Clover Loop Matcha – from the magazines RADAR department, featuring “a glimpse at current happenings in the world of art, architecture and design.”
In the Loop

From Tufenkian’s Designers Reserve Collection comes the recently introduced and wonderfully patterned handmade Tibetan wool and silk Clover Loop Matcha carpet. Design by the American artist and designer Kevin Walz, the cream clover-like loops are high cut piles of silk, yielding an oh-so-lush texture. 

EXAMPLE: Press Release

Tufenkian Introduces New Construction and Organic Process
Naturally fashionable, timeless and green. What's not to love?

New York, NY, June 04, 2009 -- Tufenkian Artisan Carpets, the leading designer of handmade Tibetan and Armenian rugs, proudly introduces a new type of high-pile carpet: called Yak-Soo, the new rugs offer a complex visual texture, a plush and inviting feel, and the satisfaction of being 100% organic. Like all Tufenkian carpets, Yak-Soo is made by hand to ensure that each rug is distinctly beautiful and will endure for generations.

Yak-Soo’s aesthetic was inspired by the friendly, long-haired Himalayan yak. Tufenkian artisans recreate the shaggy look of Yak-Soo’s bovine namesake by adapting Tsukten (a traditional Tibetan style of fabric-weaving) and using unbleached yarn that is more than twice as thick as their standard yarn. Because Yak-Soo is colored using 100% organic vegetable dyes instead of more uniform dyes, every rug sports natural and unique gradations in color—while no two are completely alike, they all offer unmatched depth and texture.

With environmentally safe organic dyes and a chemical-free wash, Yak-Soo is as natural as rugs can get. As with all Tufenkian rugs, the water used to dye and wash Yak-Soo is then purified and reused, preserving a precious resource. The wool is raw and unbleached, and the rugs are made according to Tufenkian’s usual premium on environmental stewardship—no machines, no burned wood, and no environmental contaminants.

Offered at an entry-level price point for Tufenkian, Yak-Soo offers clients an affordable style alternative to add a primitive, textured feeling to modern interiors at a quality that is far above the rest. Yak-Soo comes in seven colorways: Madder Red, Walnut Husk, Light Henna, Indigo Saffron, Sheep’s Gray, Rhubarb Walnut and Pearl White.

For over two decades, Tufenkian’s rugs have been placed in some of the world’s most prestigious homes and businesses. Their timeless design and lifelong quality—even under high-traffic conditions—can be seen in the lobbies of Equinox and UBS in New York City; W Hotel, Carillon Canyon Ranch and the Capri Resorts Hotel in Florida; and Ritz-Carlton hotels around the globe.

With nearly 500 programmed designs and colorways, Tufenkian’s collections are predominantly sold to the trade and are available through the company’s six showrooms—Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Hamburg, Germany—as well as through select dealers (including Bloomingdale’s and Baker Showrooms) throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

Tufenkian applies its standard for excellence to all areas of its business; its award-winning programs for worker welfare, social responsibility and environmental preservation are unparalleled.

EXAMPLE: Eblast // Designs by Tufenkian

A few examples of Designs by Tufenkian, a weekly email blast platform I came up with to keep designers and clients updated on new and existing product:

"I'm moved by the beautiful and subtle variations in nature. Tufenkian Carpets embrace the subtlety and nuance I strive for. No where else in my work can I come as close to a living product as with Tufenkian”. ---Barbara Barry

"As in my textiles, my designs for Tufenkian respond directly to the specific materials and woven constructions. Their handcrafted nature contributes a level of nuance that informs the designs in a way that, as a designer, is a treat to embrace.” ---Mark Pollack

Conceived as an homage to the majesty of Mother Earth, inspired by the Grand Canyon and representing all that is important to Clodagh, the Strata design elements were selected to engage the senses and achieve a feeling of harmony and balance.

“My modern art inspired designs could only be crafted by the skilled hands of Tufenkian weavers. They help complete my vision and consistently elevate floor coverings to an art form.” ---Laura Kirar

“I’m not a person for pattern, so when I was designing these carpets, I wanted a sense of abstractness that could play with the tones and materials being used in the rugs.”

---Vicente Wolf

In pattern design today, bigger is better! Whether you’re working with complex neutrals or bold colors, bring any of these large-scale designs by Tufenkian into your space to make an exciting statement.

Whether its animal print from Givenchy, color blocking from Jil Sander or bold stripes from Prada, bring the hottest runway trends into your interior with these designs by Tufenkian.

Back in December, Pantone announced Honeysuckle as the 2011 color of the year. Check out a sampling of Tufenkian designs that layer in this engaging hue.

Looking forward to Spring? Renew your inspiration with these fun floral designs

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May 5, 2011

Tufenkian Introduces new Kevin Walz Designs
New Carpet Designs by Celebrated Artist and Designer

NEW YORK, NY—Tufenkian, the world’s leading designer and supplier of handmade Tibetan and Armenian rugs, announces the introduction of five new designs from longtime friend and partner, Kevin Walz. The collaboration is comprised of the designs Clover Loop and Molecular Loop – now part of the celebrated Designers’ Reserve collection - and Lace, Paisley and Rose – part of the Tufenkian Showroom Exclusive collection, available exclusively through one of six signature showrooms.

Hand-woven in a variety of textures - including cashmere, linen, silk and wool – Walz’s five luxurious new designs encompass large scale patterns in a range of unique, monochromatic color variations with names such as Matcha, Rosehip and Killer Blue.

Kevin Walz is among the world’s most prominent artist-designers. Drawing from a wide range of inspirations—from ancient weavings to modern art—Walz is known as an innovative residential, commercial space and product designer as well as a sought-after lecturer and curator. He is a member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame, and his work is included in many design museums and has won the prestigious Rome Prize.
Walz’s collaboration with Tufenkian began in the mid 1990s, and has produced designs that have been widely embraced by the design community, including Rag Weave Roseberry, Prati Brook, Eva H Blackstone and the exclusive Alchemy collection.

“My designs are brought to life by the touch of the master craftsmen and by handmade processes that are rare in our evolving world,” comments Walz.

Tufenkian’s time-honored processes—including producing the rugs entirely by hand—ensures that each finished product is a distinct work of unparalleled beauty and enduring quality. For over two decades, Tufenkian has redefined the traditional handmade carpet industry by taking a modern aesthetic and marrying it with an ancient craft. Tufenkian has created a line of nearly 500 programmed designs/colorways and hundreds more custom designs that reside in thousands of the world’s most extraordinary homes.

Collections are predominantly sold to the trade and can be purchased through the company’s six signature showrooms – ChicagoDallasLos AngelesNew York CityPortland, Oregon and London, England - as well as through select dealers nationwide, including Bloomingdale’s and Baker Showrooms.

Tufenkian applies its standard for excellence to all areas of its business; its award-winning programs for worker welfare, social responsibility and environmental preservation are unparalleled. Additional information can be found at www.tufenkian.com.

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